Extremity Adjusting

It is well known that Chiropractors adjust the spine and neck, but many people do not know that every joint in their body can become misaligned. From the ankle bones to the wrist bones, Dr. Trumpi can adjust your joints. Misalignments within the joints of the body can cause pain due to pressure on nerves and it can often be relieved with specific adjustments to put the bones back into position.

For example, the bones in the feet and ankle are stable, but are held together with ligaments and muscles. If a person suffers from pronation (dropped arches), the bones of the feet will change position to accommodate for changes in the arches. The feet serve as the foundation for the body and if the foundation changes, the forces that travel up will also be altered. This can lead to additional problems further up the chain, such as knee or hip pain. In this situation, it would be important that the patient have the bones in his feet, ankles and knees in proper alignment.

Extremity adjusting is not painful and often gives a patient immediate relief depending on the condition. Remember this if you every have sudden sharp pain in one of your joints that was not caused by trauma. Subtle misalignments within small joints can entrap nerves, creating pain and discomfort. Dr. Trumpi has been trained by Dr. Mark Charette, DC, as well as her experience as a CCSP. Treating and adjusting extremities is an important part of her patient care.